Peyton List Jungle Swimsuit Ass Parade

19-year-old Disney star Peyton List parades her ass around the jungle in a snug baby blue swimsuit in the video above and photo below.

Peyton List swimsuit

Peyton better be careful flaunting her tight little rump in the jungle like this, for this sort of behavior is what started the AIDS epidemic… Although as we all know it was actually a big red assed monkey rather than a teen girl that the African jungle bunny Jamal “Junebug” Johnson butt banged to become patient zero.

However, Peyton List still needs to realize that there are certainly serious recursions to whoring her backside out in the nature like this. For instance, what if a noble tiger had seen Peyton in this slutty state causing him to commit a sin by thinking lecherous thoughts about her? How is that tiger supposed to right that wrong by stoning Peyton? Tigers don’t have opposable thumbs for Allah’s sake!

Peyton List Takes Up Nude ModelingPeyton List Takes Up Nude ModelingPeyton List Shows Off Her Nude PussyPeyton List Shows Off Her Nude PussyPeyton List Flaunts Her Nipples In A Topless Nude PhotoPeyton List Flaunts Her Nipples In A Topless Nude Photo
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  1. Will Bushman

    I would bang so hard for so long.

  2. Burt Dingman

    Not Bad!

  3. Gildorg

    She needs to lose some of that ghetto booty.


    Allah in his infinite wisdom gave tigers large teeth and strong jaws. If the tiger had lecherous thoughts he could chew her head off. It would not be the same as a righteous stoning, but Allah would forgive him.

  5. Latard Odom (Emir of Africa)

    If that fukin bridge is anywhere near Borno, Nigeria, the Headquarters of Boko Harem...then she will get the Islam Black Train to Jahannam...


  6. Barry

    Why did you cut off the best part where the Tiger is waiting for her at the end of the bridge?

  7. Negan the Vegan


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