Katie Holmes Nude Color-Corrected In High Definition

Katie Holmes nude

As you can see from the screen caps above and video clip below, Katie Holmes’ (in)famous nude scene from “The Gift” has been brightened and color-corrected in high definition.

Thanks to exciting advances in technology, Katie Holmes’ lopsided naked titties can now be fully appreciated in all of their depraved glory… Although the best part of this scene is certainly when Katie gets that smug face of hers slapped for being a sass-mouthed slut.

Unfortunately much like in real life during her marriage to Tom Cruise, the limp wrist of this pathetically weak and homoqueer infidel man was not strong enough to put Katie in her proper place. You better believe that if this were a powerful Muslim man slapping the taste out of Katie’s mouth her jaw would have to be wired shut for a month, and she’d spend her days on her hands and knees silently scrubbing the floors from morning till night.

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