Michelle Trachtenberg Sex Tape Video

Michelle Trachtenberg nude

A sex tape starring actress Michelle Trachtenberg appears to have just surfaced online in the video below.

As you can see from this video, Michelle Trachtenberg has hardcore oral, vaginal, and anal sex with a man on camera for a porn movie called “A Couple Of Dicks” which was later renamed “Trachtenberg Likes Dicks”.

Of course Michelle pursuing a career in porn comes as no surprise, as her acting career in heathen Hollywood has really fizzled out… In fact one could argue it has been all downhill for Michelle since her days appearing on “The Adventures of Pete & Pete” and starring in “Harriet the Spy” back in the mid-1990s.

Yes like most women Michelle Trachtenberg peaked when she was 11-years-old, but luckily for her there is a thin line between actresses and porn stars (with the main difference between them being that actresses do their dick sucking behind the camera on casting couches) so her transition into adult entertainment should be a smooth and successful one.

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  1. Alchemic

    So is this site satire or are you guys really this fucking stupid?

  2. zero

    That's not even her. You can CLEARLY SEE IT'S SOME OTHER BITCH.

  3. Gábor Kósa

    Where is that porn video ? I want to see it :)
    Can I download it??

  4. Burt Dingman

    seems like a questionable career decision for her to do porn

  5. Mullah Khalid al-Basra


  6. Negan the Vegan

    Jethro sent me this picture of his girlfriend at Burning Man. Enjoy the event, Jethro!

  7. Kanye and Tay Tay harmony

    No one gives a damn about this has been. not even Muzzies.

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