Michelle Rodriguez Nude Scene From "The Assignment"

Actress and butch lesbodyke Michelle Rodriguez performs in her first nude scene for the movie “The Assignment” in the video above.

From what I can gather from the nude scenes in this video, this movie is about a gender studies major who takes on an assignment to try and prove the thesis that gender is a societal construct and not a biological reality. However, Michelle becomes incredibly frustrated and disheartened when after declaring herself a man she wakes up the next day and finds that she still has the same sad wonky boobs and nasty rat’s nest of a snatch.

Rather than except the fact that gender is completely based in biology and that her liberal arts education is useless, Michelle Rodriguez decides to pretend that she actually is a man by taping down her titties and having sex with some blonde chick who is so use to being left unsatisfied by the tiny manhoods of infidel males that the prospect of getting railed by Michelle Rodriguez’s oversized clit excites her.

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  1. Razar Campbell

    "Rather than except the fact that..."
    The above should read "Rather than ACCEPT the fact..."
    Apart from that, the article is reasonably funny. Though mistakes of the grade shown above make me wonder if English is taught in ummerica. Perhaps students are taught instead that spelling is likely to prove to be the least of their problems as they find themselves growing into an ever crumbling nation, unable to earn a living wage. Thus, if it 'feels' right to you, then screw the spelling! Communication of ideas is for 'Liberal Elites' anyway...

  2. Chris Dobbins

    you fucking moron its about a man who killed a doctors brother she takes revenge by making him a woman and fuck muhammad as well you fucks

  3. cigardude

    love that bush

  4. SharonRodriguez29

    It's from

  5. DorothyThomas23

    such a little tease she is

  6. only decent human

    all of you sound like ASSHOLES, you realize that right?

  7. liberalsaredouchebags

    Whats with the Chia Pet Bush? My god It looks like 1970s porn with Muslims fucking a sheep


    If she was 25yrs younger (and not a beaner) I'd fuck her.

  9. ali

    she needs to be punched in the face before being brutally raped and inseminated by my spermsicles shooting up her hairy vageen....then i'll hammerfist her tummy in order to expel my spermsicles from her uterus...my spermsicle soldiers will shoot outta her poon like bullets from the uterus attack. Then I'll have to take a dump in her sammich and send her to school

  10. Barry

    How a woman reacts when Kanye impregnates her.


    Celebrities need to start shaving.


    If she wants to remove her nipples there is a much more effective way then trying to rip them off with duct tape. One slice with a holy scimitar and BAM totally halal.

  13. Stormin' Norman

    I never cared for Michelle that much. But she must have been running some serious game if she once dated a chick like Kristanna Loken. Fucking hell, that broad was the tits.

    I remember playing Halo 2 back in ancient times when her and Laura Prepon got dropped as your backup. I'd would get cut to pieces trying to protect Laura while Michelle's marine got shot down fast.


    Oh and Happy Birthday to Laura Prepon.

  14. Disqus The Fifth

    This stupid beaner should be sent back to Juarez where she belongs.

    Only Mexicans are desperate enough to fuck a hag like that.

  15. Iraqi Pete

    Der Fuhrer is opening a new nightclub in Berlin tonight. It's called ASSCHWITZ and tonight's theme is "Looking Fuhrer A Good Time". Boys under 18 are free tonight and if you get there before 11pm, each male entrant receives a copy of his new book, "Mein Kock".

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