Katy Perry Soaking Wet Swimsuit Pics

Katy Perry swimsuit

Katy Perry exposes her soaking wet crotch while in a swimsuit in the candid photos below.

The fake mainstream Western media is trying to claim that Katy Perry is at a beach in these photos when upon closer examination it couldn’t be more obvious that Katy is actually in the middle of the Arabian desert, and the wave of water in front of her is actually emanating from her lecherous cock cave.

Yes it is clear from these pics that Katy Perry caught a whiff of the pungent odor of a passing caravan of virile Muslims and their camels, which caused her lady bits to erupt in a violent orgasm shooting out a massive amount of slut juice. Katy can then be seen lifting up her skirt and rubbing her sin bean, as the powerful Islamic pheromones linger in her nostrils. Finally in an act of desperation Katy bends over and offers up her hindquarters in the hopes that a Muslim man may catch a glimpse and decide to do her the honor of brutally sodomizing her anus hole.


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Katy Perry Katy Perry Katy Perry
Katy Perry Katy Perry Katy Perry
Katy Perry Katy Perry Katy Perry

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  1. LauraParker26

    i like where this site is going

  2. highlanderj


  3. peeet

    Katy is really getting into the feminist cause, right down to becoming as sexy as a diseased granny.

  4. SlipperyPete

    She looks like a bleeding pig anus in those pictures

  5. Sick Of It All

    Just got word that Canada has agreed to allow a hunt of Muslims, only one day a year, but it's a start. I've got my guns ready to go spray some dress wearing trannies. Looking forward to Trump giving us the green light here, as Dearborn Michigan will be my playground.

  6. Eliza May

    You all want quality right

  7. Eliza May

    Racist piece of banged up shit

  8. peeet

    These pictures are actually a rare thing, not photoshopped, but showing the world as viewed as it is.

  9. peeet

    She is pretty not sexy eh lads?

  10. Gildorg

    Her tits used to make her pretty bangable... Now, not so much...

  11. Schmierr Nippel

    Dump Truck

  12. Muammar Bin Ali

    Stop calling it a Camel Toe. That is a disgrace to all beautiful.....sexy camels everywhere. I would rather eat goat shit than stare at Katy Perrys used up dirty, infidel roast beef flaps.

  13. 40 yr old virgin

    I wish she could take my virginity. I hope she won't mind my 2 inch dick.

  14. TriHard

    Girl get a fucking tan!

  15. KingCunta

    Ahh another example of an pale aryan goddess. She reminds my of the time me and my tribe raided a white town in South Africa, we had our way with the women as the men were castrated and boiled. I also remember the fact that I could skeet as many times as I would like on these pale whores without making them look dirty because my cum camouflaged on their skin. This had many practical benefits, as we could save on soap...

  16. I never had sex

    She looks like a retarded child who was abandoned at the beach by her parents

  17. Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Katy looks like something Green Peace would try to roll back into the ocean.

  18. Browndog

    I'd hump her leg.

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