Kate Groombridge Nude Scene From "Virgin Territory"

The video above features Kate Groombridge’s nude scenes from the film “Virgin Territory”.

Of course the only reason I am posting this video is because I am looking for those interested in joining my class action lawsuit against the producers of this film. As there is no denying that this movie is a clear case of fraudulent false advertising, for if you believe for a second that anything about Kate Groombridge is “virgin territory” I have some beachfront property in Mosul that I can sell you.

Yes I haven’t been this grossly misled by the title of a film since I was suckered into seeing “Brokeback Mountain” (which I assumed was the story of a woman trying to pull a plow up the side of a hill). I ended up settling my lawsuit with the producers of that film for a signed photo of Heath Ledger and a lock of Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair.

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  1. Daniel Staggers

    She's about 20,000 leagues above that loser.

  2. guess

    Moslem male and female should masturbate 5 times per day - The new fakwa

  3. Stevie Jay


  4. Latard Odom (Emir of Africa)

    This movie is about "The Black Plague" that killed 30% of the old school Euro Trash...
    When you let the Blacks out of Africa, you take that risk...


  5. Reverend Al

    One of your funnier posts, Durka.
    Allah has blessed you.

  6. Lucifer

    "Virgin Territory"- That's the name of the place where pisslam followers are awarded 72 anals by virgin nigrows. This is how I manage to keep hell a safe place for authentic devils.

  7. Iraqi Pete

    Fredrik The Pleaser of Israelis had a similar film but it was called "Anal Virgin Territory". Similarly, it was a work of fiction. To note, his mouth was not a virgin but a filthy whore mouth that sucked off Jewish Hobos for shekels behind the wailing wall.

  8. MoneyToBurn

    Once again it is time for the latest edition of Celeb Jihad's award-winning segment 'Stupid Muslim TricksĀ©'. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

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