G Hannelius Naked And A Lesbian

G Hannelius bikini

If you are like me then you lay awake at night wondering whatever happened to former Disney star G Hannelius and her halal nubile body… Well I’m sad to say that when the now 19-year-old G Hannelius isn’t dyking out in a bikini like in the photo above, she spends her days naked with her legs spread wide waiting for some butch to come scissor with her sin slit as in the photo below.

G Hannelius nude

Yes there is no denying that G Hannelius is now a flaming lesboqueer, but if you needed more convincing then feast your eyes on the video clips below of her sucking face with some chubby bull dyke.

Unfortunately this is a tremendous squandering of talent for G Hannelius’ tight holes were made to be stretched open wide by a powerful Muslim manhood…

G Hannelius lesbian

… Not to be munched on by this rough looking muffer.

G Hannelius lesbian

Sadly as you can see from the photo above, G Hannelius is already a lost cause for she has purchased a motorcycle. No doubt she now also owns a couple of pit bulls, and her closet is filled with flannel, snapbacks, and Dr. Martens.

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  1. ꧁㊝⃟⃝恋人誌Ꭺ𝕽Ꭲ𝕴ᏚᎢ𝖍𝖎𝕮𝕮Ꮪ同人誌㊝⃟⃝꧂

    My Child hood better 😂😂... jk 😂

  2. Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Ya Allah!

    It's not bad enough that this degenerate trashbag, G Hannelius, is a "big time" lesbodyke, she has bad taste in picking a lesbo-partner. No doubt, even a filthy swine of a bitch like her could do better than Jacob June's bull-dyke sister.

    What's next...the Sodomizer dating Caitlyn Jenner or RuPaul...or getting DP'd by both?

    Yo MAMA

  3. Harvey An-Nasir Salah ad-Din

    The fat bitch has some hairy fucking monkey arms.

  4. Negan the Vegan

    The Jihadists were hoping for pics of Kenny G.

  5. Gildorg

    Who? She is extremely average...

  6. YOTA008

    Damn, such potential for her to receive this AMERICAN DICK AND CREAMPIE

  7. Barry

    That Lesboqueer has hairier arms than I do.

  8. Der Führer

    Who the fuck ?

  9. Negan the Vegan

    Who are you?

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