Emma Stone Gets Naked For Playboy

Emma Stone naked Playboy

Emma Stone gets completely naked in the photo above from the upcoming issue of the Saudi Arabian version of Playboy magazine.

Playboy in the US stopped featuring nudity last year, since it was completely pointless as 99% of American men are flaming homoqueers. However, the international versions of Playboy have continued to feature naked women, especially those destined for us virile Muslims in the Middle East. Of course we don’t use Playboy as some jerk off mag, but rather has a shopping catalog for potential concubines to stock our vast harems.

With this in mind it is easy to see why famous models and actresses like Emma Stone eagerly pose nude in our version of Playboy, for they desperately hope to be chosen to come serve at the heel of us powerful Muslim men. However, in Emma’s case she would be serving at the taint of a Muslim man, for based on this nude photo she has annigulus only whore written all over her.

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  1. aurelius

    I was in Bosnia in the 90s and had half a dozen beautiful Muslim girls. they are hot and very submissive. The god thing is that many of them are white, blond and no huge noses like the middle east. they pretend to be reluctant but once they get their cherry broken they become insatiable. I dream of going to the middle east invading some Muslim country, preferably Shiite and get a good harem of big nosed, big eyes, big tits devout Muslim women and have them impregnated with my christian semen and harvest Christian babies from this ex Muslims girls.

  2. Sam Mik

    very sweet

  3. JenniferCarter26


  4. Allah

    I'd hit that

  5. brandiparker

    Hi this is chico, The universal diggs I was wondering if I could get some camel going on now that the rapist capitalist donkeys horses elephants and pigs, not necessarily in That order have been fully satiated?

  6. Phil

    Emma Stone's Tits aren't that big. Can we say photo-shop?

  7. Jim Gorr

    Isn't porn illegal in Saudi Arabia?!? I seriously doubt there is a Saudi Arabian version of Playboy...

  8. Cockface Asshole

    Suck my fuckhole you cunts

  9. disqus_JQn2A5BPh4

    Emma Stone (may the ones of justice, rain upon your head), is a frightening combination of both Jew and Djinn. This just proves the depravity of the immoral US of A. The black magic and witchcraft that must have been used in the creation of such a weapon of mass destruction, needs to be soundly rebuked and condemned by the civilized (Islamic) world.

  10. RachelThePanda

    I know this is like.. 100% bullshit lol.. but i do like the idea of "their version" of Playboy.. probably the best/hottest thing ive seen on here in a long time :P Well.. probably not the analingus part of it.. i dont know why everyone on here is obsessed with that stuff.. focus on the girls, please! ;)

  11. Sad Ham whos slain

    from Sad Ham whos slain

    Men are for loving, women are for
    children is our Muslim philosophy, ....as a Quran loving homo
    fanatic....i ask where are all the naked men we would prefer to see !!
    fuck women, no ...i mean fuck women( we muslims love the pork sword)

  12. dilder

    she wishes she look like that

  13. Foaming at the mouth

    I would fuck her so hard, her great grandchildren will walk funny.


    Before Invading Islamic Countries U.S. Marines Train For Battle By Fighting Filthy Violent Midgets.

  15. Eliza May

    This proves larger breasts aren't always best

  16. GAstorino

    I thought the middle east playboy just had naked dudes and sheep.

  17. Pennywise

    Jews are always foist.

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