Emilia Clarke Gets Creampied On "Game of Thrones" Set

Emilia Clarke sex

Anyone who has seen the utterly depraved HBO series “Game of Thrones” knows that the show features some of the most degenerate whores in television. Of course known are worse then Emilia Clarke who’s character “Daenerys Targaryen” is constantly exposing her sinful nude body as she gets her lady holes pounded out by many men.

To stay in character during “Game of Thrones” hectic filming schedule and long days, Emilia Clarke maintains a constant state of erotic excitement through the use of numerous “fluffers” who keep her loin juices flowing with bareback sex and creampies causing her sin slit to look like a northern winter as in the photo above.

Once Emilia has had her orifices pumped full of man milk she is ready to resume her role as Daenerys, and ride cocks and dragons all the way to Westeros to reclaim the “Iron Throne” for the Targaryens… And then no doubt get bent over f*cked on top of it.

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  1. hybrid80

    Did she really get cream pied?

  2. edga storas

    Left boob as well as nip is smaller than the right one lol

  3. Andrés De Haro

    What season and espisode is that scene?

  4. GanzĂșa

    I'm gay

  5. Chief_Nyanta

    Photoshop at its finest. Stupid to think this is legit.

  6. Danile The

    Where is this scene in Game of Thrones

  7. I hate muslims imeanterrorists

    Ok you muslims(ahem terrorists) this is fake they use socks and shit like that. Second, photoshop her tigs are not that spread apart like that.

  8. Der Kaiser von Deutschland

    Dickless Dicka,

    Game of Trolls was created by Jews:
    http: / /www.algemeiner. com/2014/05/21/the-jews- behind-%E2%80%98game-of-thrones%E2%80%99/

    Then again, you are a Mossad agent, so keep fapping off to Theon Greyjoy, Lord Varys, and other eunuchs who, unlike you, are only fictionally eunuchs.

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