Connie Britton And Carla Gugino Outed As Lesbian Lovers

Connie Britton Carla Gugino bikini

It is one of the worst kept secrets in heathen Hollywood that “Nashville” and “Friday Night Lights” star Connie Britton is a flaming lesbodyke. For Connie divorced her husband in 1995 and has not been romantically linked with a man since.

Now it has been confirmed that Connie engaged in a passionate love affair with “Sin City” star Carla Gugino, as the candid bikini photo above of the two lesboqueers on a romantic vacation together in Bora Bora has just been released online.

Connie and Carla met on the set of the aptly titled film “Women In Trouble”, and as you can see from the sultry elevator scene above the sexual tension between the two was palpable.

Connie Britton Carla Gugino lesbian

They were even caught on camera kissing and accompanying each other to various events, but the sickeningly sinful nature of their relationship had not been substantiated until now.

Connie Britton Carla Gugino lesbian

Yes the thought of Connie and Carla taking turns suckling on each others bulbous breasts, as their hands slowly run down their bodies to teasingly caress one another’s aching moist pussy slits is certainly a grotesque one that will haunt the dreams of us righteous Muslims for weeks to come.

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  1. Gildorg

    Yeah, they are old, therefore, useless.

  2. Alexis

    Carla is gorgeous

  3. Der Negan

    That elevator is scarier than the Tower of Terror.

  4. NameDropper

    We need more fine people like 'Family Man' Donald Trump out in Hollywood. MAKE CALI-FORN-IA GREAT AGAIN.

  5. Ghost of Dixie

    Apparently these two celebrate International Women's Day everyday by lezzing out non stop.

  6. NameDropper

    Ewwwww, Lesbians.............First Portia and Ellen Degenerate, and now these two depraved, sexual deviates. Will the depavity ever end in Hollywood?

  7. Uncle Farzan

    Outrageous display of sluttery. Sweat dripping down the cleavage of their ancient drooping breasts, the bras desperately fighting to conceal rock hard nipples. Pussy's soaking wet and aching for satisfaction.
    I must go pet my camel. Maybe even twice.

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