Who'd You Rather Stone: Julia Roberts vs Reese Witherspoon

Julia Roberts Reese Witherspoon bikini

Old Hollywood whores Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon flaunted their worn out flabby bodies in bikinis yesterday. Obviously both Julia and Reese deserve a righteous and vicious stoning for affronting our Muslim aesthetic with their horrible bodies in bikinis, but if you could only stone one of them which one would you choose?

For me the choice is simple, Julia Roberts. I’ve had Julia on my “to stone” list ever since she played herself in the documentary “Pretty Woman”. Julia made matters worse when she portrayed the lipy, sass-mouthed female lawyer in “Erin Brockovich” a few years later. While it is true that Reese Witherspoon also portrayed a smart-mouthed lawyer in the “Legally Blonde” series, it was not nearly as offensive a character.

Yes both Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon would make great targets for a prospective stoning, and not just because of their bulging midsections. Now lets discuss who we would rather stone in the comments below. Allahu Akbar!

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  1. Anubis

    Well whore Julia Roberts has been looking worn out for some time, but I'm a bit surprised to see Reese Witherspoon looking so flabby and way over the hill as well. And what's with that hideous tattoo Reese has on now? I hate to imagine what perverted words were inked on that flab. Maybe Julia's actor brother Eric Roberts will give his sis one big karate chop to her neck like he did to others in his "Best of the Best" chop-socky movies, and maybe Reese too while he's at it.

    Both of these Hollywood harlots should not be showing any more skin below the chins ever again in public, or risk being arrested for indecent exposure, or just plain stoned on the spot.

  2. Farzaneh the Midwife

    I could have sworn those are my husband's camels…

  3. Demonwolf141

    All Sandniggers can rant and rave about what they feel is right in their own lives, but it takes a real human being to supress their inner desires and compliment a individual on their own choices in life. you who believe in life after death have yet to experience death, praise not what has not yet been known to you.

  4. Fish

    'Who'd you rather?'

    What is this, TMZ?

  5. theheadchimp

    My vote is for Reese
    Anyone with arrows pointing to her cooch deserves a rock to the kisser....

  6. IHateCelebs

    I vote for stoning Julia Roberts. Pretty Woman my ass. Those huge lips remind me too much of a Negroid to be attractive.

  7. Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Julia Roberts looks like the bastard of Bigfoot and Janet Reno.

    However, since Bigfoot has never been to D.C. and Reno is a super "bull dyke" lesboqueer...I know this cannot be the case. Nonetheless, julia is one ugly mofo and she is my choice for the flabby infidel bitch, that I want to stone.

    Hopefully, both ugly kuffar skanks will still be around, after Islam takes over and we can make it a "double feature" stoning.


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