Vanessa Hudgens Poops Her Pants

Vanessa Hudgens poop

As you can see in the photo above, Disney star Vanessa Hudgens has crapped her pants while laying at the beach.

Vanessa Hudgens pooping her pants is to be expected since she is a Hollywood actress, which means she is too stupid and/or lazy to go shit in the ocean like a normal person.

It is hard to say if Vanessa Hudgens pooping her pants was just an act of apathy, or if she is some sort of fecalpheliac who gets off from laying around in her own excrement. However, knowing that Vanessa Hudgens’ enjoyed working for Disney for many years, I’d definitely lean towards the later explanation.

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  6. werewolf

    I think people actually get wet at the beach and that is exactly what it is.....WATER. When did shit become clear ?

  7. Hasan al-Zawahir

    This dog isnt fit to be raised with the camels

  8. IHateCelebs

    Maybe she should now change her name to Vanessa FUDGE-ins

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  11. IHateCelebs

    Hollywood Harlots such as Vanesa Hudgens have no respect for decency like normal human beings do. First, Demi Lovato starts pooping in the woods (like a bear) and now this Hudgens ho takes it to the next level by not even going into the woods, instead just laying around in her own girl goop.

    Because lazy stupid people get all of their ideas from Hollywood, soon young people from coast to coast will be crapping their pants and walking around flaunting their shit stains for all to see, all in an effort to "be cool."

    When jeans start coming out with "pre-stained bums" we'll know the fad is over.

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