Vanessa Hudgens Legs Spread Machine Gun Pic

Vanessa Hudgens machine gun

It is the stuff of nightmares, Western whore Vanessa Hudgens with her legs spread demanding sex while pointing a machine gun at your face.

I know I’ve woken up screaming in a cold sweat many nights at the terrifying thought of being forced to copulate with celebrity sluts like Vanessa Hudgens.

Luckily I know when it came down to it (like every other pious Muslim) I’d gladly take a brutal death over gracing Vanessa Hudgens’ baby cave with my enormous mighty tunic snake.

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  1. TeamBlackAmerica

    I would destroy her with my black penis


    u can practiacally see her sanitary pad LOLOL

  3. real person

    Its not a machine gun. That shows how much you dumb sand niggers know its a glock 18 with a 50 round extended clip

  4. moshe dayan

    Fag Muslims Beware,

    Yet another beautiful Jewess proving forever just how superior Jewish women are. Vanessa shows her "Mossad Girl" stance while pointing a mini-uzi at the camera and wishing Anal Abdullah or Homo Hashim were buttfucking each other in her front sight.

    Don't fuck with Jews.

    Eat shit and die mofo

  5. jihad general

    ok time to kill this jewish skank £20000 to whoever brings me what is left of her skull

  6. Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Lets see if vanessa likes having that "pea shooter" shoved up her ass and then shot with a real weapon...the AK-47

    What a way to send her to hell!!!!!


  7. Umar the Brown

    Looks suspiciously Jewish to me. Those Jew whores are trained from birth to kill and she is probably teaching her unborn Jew-baby how to kill innocent Muslims, just a few weeks after conception.

    Those animals know no shame.

  8. I'm a Nigger.

    THIS IS STRAIGHT UP A WHORE I WANNA FUCK!!! I'll use my big black donkey dick to blow a one man bukkaki all over that lil harlot...Inside and out..The after she spits out my Fried chicken eatin baby afro havin baster child,I'm steal her money and B.O.U.N.C.E....BOUNCE BITCH!!

  9. Gaylord 102

    Gaylord 101 should be stoned. He/she is a disgrace to the world.

  10. Gaylord 101

    Ewww, stop posting disgusting girls, i want to see some cock!!!!!!! Give me what i desire!!!!!! NOW! -_-

  11. Faizal

    Some of us regulars at this site were discussing this design a few posts back, and here's what we got:

    You enter the site, and a huge image of a goat, smilingly benignly. The goat has this huge cock, really huge, in honor of Sheikh Abdul the Goat-Herd's 14 inch cock.

    So you click this huge cock, and the cock grows bigger, fills the whole screen ... and then you get to the website contents.

    Like my idea?

    Any other suggestions, let us know soon. This is YOUR website, so we'd like to consider ALL your ideas before finalizing.

  12. Patricia Kennedy

    How about showing a naked man with a penis and testicles? Ohhh, can't have THAT can we?!!! Thought so. Bunch of little girly men on here with a tiny instrumentality. That's what I thought. Pathetic!!!

  13. Alissa C DiCarlo

    She looks sexy as fuck here. I wanna taste!!!

  14. Not Gay

    Not interested.

  15. Barnabys Bone

    OMG. I can see her pee pee.

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