Top 12 Sexy Scarlett Johansson GIFs

Scarlett Johansson gifs

Scarlett Johansson’s life is at a crossroads. She has just been discarded by her husband Ryan Reynolds, and now without a man to guide her she is lost.

However, even though Scarlett has failed as a wife there is still hope for her. Her titties are large and bountiful, she could nurse many strong Muslim babies with her milk. If Scarlett Johansson could just learn to act properly I am sure a kindly Muslim man would consider taking her and luscious boobies as a nurse maid, or maybe even as his third wife.

I have compiled Scarlett Johansson’s top 12 sexy gifs, and will criticize her behavior in them so that she may learn how to conduct herself according to the teachings of Allah, and one day achieve the dream of being a breeding device for a Muslim man. Allahu Akbar!



Scarlett Johansson gif

No matter what the situation, a woman jiggling her tits is never permitted. Scarlett has a lot to learn about struggling like a lady.



Scarlett Johansson gif

That is not how you use an exercise ball! She’ll never get in shape like that, and come planting season she’ll be unable to work the plow!



Scarlett Johansson gif

Scarlett Johansson is a whore! It is never OK for a woman to be fondled unless it is by her husband or a male relative.



Scarlett Johansson gif

More of the same whorish behavior in this one. The only thing I can say in her defense is that at least Scarlett turns and presents her ass like a baboon in heat. Allah despises foreplay.



Scarlett Johansson gif

Ugh were do I begin with this one. Women are not allowed to speak in public, and they are definitely not allowed to have their tits hanging out like this. Wear the burka!



Scarlett Johansson gif

Scarlett Johansson needs to learn to sit like a proper lady, which is to say prostrating herself at the foot of a man with her eyes cast downward.



Scarlett Johansson gif

Scarlett needs to learn that when a man is forcing himself on her she must not struggle because she was asking for it. She should have to work off the cost of that shirt.



Scarlett Johansson gif

Why is Scarlett Johansson laying naked in bed? Do they not make sleeping burkas in America?



Scarlett Johansson gif

When having sex with a man there should be no kissing… or eye contact.



Scarlett Johansson gif

Scarlett had her boob groped in public which is to be expected when dressed like a whore. I can not emphasize enough how important the burka is, but I will continue to try.



Scarlett Johansson gif

Naked in a pool! Where is her swimming burka?



Scarlett Johansson gif

Naked in a shower! Where is her shower burka?

Scarlett Johansson Gets Dirty In The ShowerScarlett Johansson Gets Dirty In The ShowerScarlett Johansson Gets Smacked In The Tits With A BurkaScarlett Johansson Gets Smacked In The Tits With A BurkaScarlett Johansson Naked With Her Legs SpreadScarlett Johansson Naked With Her Legs Spread
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  1. Abdullah

    What a sharmuta!

  2. Abdullah

    What a sharmuta!

  3. Ali ali

    R guys crazy burka for everything?

  4. Ali ali

    R guys crazy burka for everything?

  5. Jaques Cartel

    This post made me cum at her feet

  6. Bill Lumbergh

    Yeah, if you could just provide some source context for each of these gifs, that'd be just great.

  7. Snipa

    No wonder You Mooo-slims are so cheap..Gosh!!...
    But good to see always whatever the American drones doing to your tiny trashy removing Pig Shit from the face of allah

  8. Muslim

    GB, if u have a problem with these gif's u shut it, by the way why were u here at the first place xD, see u in hell bro ;D dont be to confident that heaven will take u.. lay low.

  9. the realness

    Um your country is a piece of shit. if allah really existed you wouldnt be living in poverty like pigs. The only reason you have arranged marriages because your so fucking ugly and stupid no woman would chose to be with you. If you actually understood sex you wouldnt want virigns in heaven.
    alllah is not coming, and if you had a braincell in your head you would see he has already left you. you live like cavemen and you act like them too, ape's are more civil than you. You might get 72 virigns in heaven but ive already slept with 42 woman while on earth. Hahaha, muhammad is my bitch lover, cause I AM GOD!!!!!

  10. boobs

    and no american uses a burka becouse they are not islam and you make youre wimen shower swim andsleep i a burka ~~~When having sex with a man there should be no kissing… or eye contact.~~~
    yah right are you crazy thats not right

  11. boobs

    she is free to do what ever she wants its not good to doo this but she chose that and no one kan change it

  12. boobs

    shut up shi is not islam

  13. Jake

    you are a moron. if you dont understand our culture then go away. stop trying to push your misguided sense of superiority on others. and seriously? shower burka? what the fuck is that shit about? i mean seriously! you were born naked, as was she. so CLEARLY it isn't evil to be naked at some point?! so why not in a shower? alone? or with a significant other? explain to me how being in ones most natural and GOD MADE form is evil, and i will explain to you your moral ambiguities. you wanna know evil? its viewing another human being as a source of breeding for your birth defects. i pray to the one deity, known by you as allah, others as jehovah and yahwah, that you never get your seed planted. cause you will simply corrupt our planet further with your narrow and closed minded bitterness.

  14. incest lovers abdullahs

    dear abdullah,
    you and your religion can die inside the burka itself! your religion is a incest banging orgy. no wonder most of your people are either retarded or challenged. look half-penis, the day you come trying to convert anyone into your pathetic religion, we will chop of your remaining dick also. Also, we will free your women and give them a life they can live on their own terms. the world believes in equality and the only reason you cant take it is, you are not good enough to get laid and sexually frustrated. m sure you jack off in the name of allah-allah-allah m cuming-allah-aaahhhhh! fuck you homo!

  15. Hater of This Website

    Really? Really? You do know that out of all of the people you are posting about on this website, NONE of them are Muslim? They are nearly all AMERICAN, so they will act like AMERICANS. In America, this is normal. We don't need to wear burkas during EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of our ENTIRE LIVES!!!!! We don't treat our women like slaves or dogs!!!! We treat men and women equally, and they can do as they please, because this is America.

    PS: those are really sexy pictures. I wish she'd let a little more "hang out", if you know what I mean.

  16. Khan

    My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.

  17. Paco

    What film is #6 from? I sooo want to watch it now. Just to see her sexy panties

  18. Niggers are the worlds poo

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  19. naxx

    thats so fken lame .. especially this one : "Naked in a shower! Where is her shower burka?"
    oh my god shes naked in a shower what a crime!!!! whoever wrote this u must know U LITTLE UGLY SUCKER if u so ashamed of nudity or anything then its ur psychological problems and u better go kill urself ... christ thats so unbelievably lame

  20. proud_muslim

    dude, this is just immature and childish, seriously, i thought Islam, Christianity and all other religions teach how to tolerate and loving, that is so embarrassing that u failed to do that

  21. piyush

    i love u

  22. Gunnar

    Muito gata ela, muito gostosa!!!

  23. Infidel


    To think you guys even look at tits, jesus of all people...


  24. Hater of the Prophet Moohamed

    Well this is America so the women can do what they please, dress and act how they want. You faggot muslim extremists make me sick. So in closing I would just like to say the prophet Muhammad is a child molesting, guy fucking, dick sucking, gay, pedophile, who lives to serve women in bikinis. while being slapped around for being a pathetic weakling by women in bikinis. And don't forget it has been proven that the prophet Moohamed was a child molesting pedophile that was a homosexual.

  25. muslim hater

    what a bunch of sexist inbred pricks you are wonder the world hates muslims hope the ur armpits become infested with the fleas of a 1000 camels and are unable to scratch u bunch of worthless sexist twats

  26. Admin is Fucked!

    The Admin of this website is fucking stupid! Is that some muslim website so every girl needs to wear fucking "burka"?? What the fuck is that? Asshole!

  27. Kuwaiti

    hey guys, im a kuwaiti ( muslim ) and just for the record, this guy who thinks hes a muslim and making a fool out of all of us is a prick, and hes not a muslim, hes just trying to make arabs/muslims look bad, so dont mind him, i bet hes just an sad 12 year old boy who have nothing else to do but stay here and keep swearing, and hey takrit abdullah, eat shit and die please </3

  28. janet

    you i idiotic Islamic sons of bitches!!!!!! i guess u have nothing to do apart from posting these and hell with yr blasphemous attitudes
    fu** yo all

  29. GB

    you said dude in the post right above that...

  30. C.

    i would fuck up any one of you stupid muslim control freaks who think that women are property. scarlett is an amazingly hot american girl and you guys fuck girls that look like shit. i wish all of you would come to america so you could step into the octagon with me and i could beat the living shit out of all of you.

  31. alessio

    European Union has rejected burqua's today. forbidden to wear in public!

    For those who will do that they will be escorted home or in jail and a severe ticked to pay about 200 euro's

  32. Jesus Christ

    Good job with the fucking idiotic writing.

  33. Fred

    Vere are my virgins?

  34. Saint

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  35. nida

    Such haters out there..I don't know why people bother with SO much effort to put down our religion...And all these comments with the pictures about 'BURQAS", DISTASTEFUL. Learn to respect othersIf YOUR religion is better than Islam, how come your behavior is so despicable..wretched people! tsk!

  36. Kurt The Backstabber

    I like Hashish!

  37. Sikandar

    whoever has posted this, is not doing a favor to islam but inverse. I am a muslim but good work starts from one's country, tell me there are no brothels or whores r sex workers in your country???
    This is an industry which is running because of its viewers which are around the world and many are non muslim states.
    I dont know wats wrong wid u...
    U just dont point finger at anyone like this, it starts from inside out--- home--surroundings--community---city---country--

  38. loose

    Everyone deffending actresses... if it is was your wife would you be ok with her doing a sex scene?... doing one doesnt make her a good actress, infact using your body is a cheap and pathetic way of getting attention. Name one magnificent role and piece of acting done by a woman thats done sex scene?... these ”actresses” careers depend on the exact reason you are looking at the gifs, and yes you have every right to question there morals.

  39. zillaman

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  40. Susan Mcnab

    The pics of nude blond women are in great demand all over the world 'coz of their loose morals.

    is it not a shame?

  41. viktoria

    she is getting paid fo this u fools this is called ACTING in the west she is not even exposing her breasts like others. And who the fuck are u to judge how people have sex in the west its considered romantic to kiss and look in to the eyes while having intercourse it called makin LOVE if u dont kiss or look it means ur having sex for the sake of having it not because ur in to the person

  42. gomesh

    That white Bitch's name is 'Scarlett Johansson' I think ? Her tits look so juicy; her vulva must give me all the juices that I want to suck out of her! I will take her to bed to my home in Gorakhpur in India. Nobody will find out if I am putting her juicy 'teets' in my mouth or my nine inches long dildo in her's?

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  45. Joe Jerusalem

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  46. zillaman

    javier, this site is a fake site a troll site. just white trash boy's from michigan.

  47. Javier

    The more stupid comments about women behavior. And please respect Scarlett!! You should learn how a man have to behave before said anything about a woman!

  48. asdad

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