Megan Fox Nude Booty Dance Video

Megan Fox booty dance

The video above of what looks like Megan Fox nude, bouncing her surprisingly ample butt has just been released to the Web.

Having struggled to get decent movie roles in recent years, this video appears to signal Megan Fox taking her career in a new direction by becoming a booty popping hoe in late night rap videos on BET.

Obviously the rap hoe business is extremely competitive, and Megan Fox is going to have to put in the work if she wants to make it. However, Megan shows great ass control in this video, so she should be able to develop a nice repertoire of booty popping, shaking, twerking, and body roll moves to land her steady work.

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  1. RustyNail

    The girl's real name is Charlie Sweets.

  2. RustyNail

    The girl's real name is Charlie Sweets.

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  7. anthoskoulos13

    What ia the girls real name. Im trying to find the full length clip

  8. anthoskoulos13

    What ia the girls real name. Im trying to find the full length clip

  9. anonymous

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  10. anonymous

    where the fuck did u get that info from? u don't know shit except the only things that u hear on tv! open your min fucking mind and see the world for what it is u dumb fuck!!

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