Kelly Brook's Ass In Tights Proves Allah Exists

Kelly Brook

Just look at model/whore Kelly Brook’s ass in those black tights. Allah truly is great!

Heathens in the Western world believe that man evolved from apes. While I’ll admit that is probably true for most races it is definitely not true for Muslims and some kuffars like Kelly Brook.

Kelly Brook’s ass was obviously formed by Allah himself, because it is to perfect to happen by chance. Yes there is definitely an intelligent design behind Kelly Brook’s behind, and that intelligence is of course the one and only Allah.

Praise be to Allah, for providing us with Kelly Brook’s ass. It is truly a holy sight to behold, that only proper Muslims should be allowed to look upon. All you filthy kuffars avert your eyes from the pictures below, or face the wrath of Islam for we have claimed Kelly Brook’s butt for our own. Allahu Akbar!


Kelly Brook Kelly Brook Kelly Brook Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook Kelly Brook Kelly Brook

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  1. rob

    How does a 3rd world country think there going to take over anything they haven trying for a million years and can't even take over there next door neighbor's?

  2. jonny

    thank you jesus for giving us english white men beautiful women like kelly brook and her whole body claimed by the english white men has always

  3. art

    may allah fuck your mother

  4. theheadchimp

    You got the name Bubba and we are morons? Now that is funny, only fucking idiots are named Bubba. You dumb redneck bastard.

  5. Bubba

    You are all Morons!

  6. theheadchimp

    Yo waddup dawg for shizzle madda fucka. Don hate da playah cuz yo momma be a sucking dat sailor dicz. Ain't dat be de sheeit. I ax you so I hope youz dun try to muh dik yoself. U knowz what I be talk'n bout.....FUCK YOU.

  7. theheadchimp

    Abdullah said it best....FUCK YOU. Can you ever post with out spelling or gramatical errors? Maybe you are having trouble reading our posts in English. If you want I can post to you in your native language which I assume is niggerese. So Buckwheat whats it gonna be?

  8. Abdullah The Butcher

    will....never be anything but a homoqueer

    I have figured out your problem; you are a mean drunk.
    You are a big mouthed, lie filled bigot, and you are against anyone other than your freckle faced, buck toothed brethren. To this I say, "fuck you."

    For several days now, you have done nothing but bad mouth every decent Jihadist on this site and you have especially been critical of myself and the headchimp. To this I also say, "fuck you."

    Well....I am giving you final warning you drunken bastard. Your intolerance and cultural insensitivity is not welcomed on this site and you have raised the ire of every Muslim the world over; which means your life currently ain't worth jack shit.

    I have no mercy for you, because you chose to spread your filthy hate filled lies, and you failed to change your ways after I told you that you are nothing more than a hell bound infidel.

    I believe I speak for the chimp, when I say we are tired of your idiotic rants and bad spelling, and the time has come for you to resume drinking and leave the celebrity commentary to the professionals.

    I again reiterate the point that you have pissed off Muslims the world over, and soon you will be getting a visit from the welcome wagon; and by wagon...... I mean.....the welcome to hell wagon!

    Don't plan anything too far ahead


  9. theheadchimp

    It'll hurt my pride when I stick a shiv up your ass. I see your started spell checking like I suggested. Tell me Willy was 1st grade the happiest 10 years of your life?

  10. will..

    cream abdul
    dont it hurt your pride when you have to describe your own job to try and be funny.
    truth is you got that name from having to much sailor dick cream on your face.

  11. cream abdul jabbar

    will spatialy
    What the fuck does that mean? Are you 5 years old? Maybe if your mother wasn't in the bars getting drunk and sucking off sailors she could teach you how to spell.

  12. teresa

    Yuck! thats a nice ass? i should be famous then. Oops, im not a whore, cant do it.

  13. will..

    i got bad news for all you muslims remember how you are promised 72 virgins,
    turns out its only one 72 year old virgin.

  14. Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    there ain't a western female over the age of 7 that will die a virgin.
    western women are all whores.

  15. Dead Ed®

    Never die a virgin, when you get to heaven they make you fuck a suicide bomber...

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