Katy Perry Full Breast Nip Slip

Katy Perry nip slip

Pop star Katy Perry exposes her full breast and nipple in the disturbing photo above.

Normally to feign modesty celebrity infidel whores like Katy Perry are taped and glued into these slut suits to keep their titties from popping out.

One can not help but suspect that this Katy Perry nip slip was not an accident, as her career is in a steady decline, and this is just the type of publicity stunt heathen harlots like to use to get back in the limelight.

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  1. Guest

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Guest

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  3. Leonardo Romero

    This seriously gotta be a fucking joke

  4. Leonardo Romero

    This seriously gotta be a fucking joke

  5. Qur'an reader

    its good to see that stupid cunt feeble minded degenerate muzzies are still stuck in the stone ages with thinking like this. probably why every muslim nation is a fucking shit hole, and the people live like animals.

  6. Qur'an reader

    its good to see that stupid cunt feeble minded degenerate muzzies are still stuck in the stone ages with thinking like this. probably why every muslim nation is a fucking shit hole, and the people live like animals.

  7. WTF

    How do you get from nipslips to talkin shit about race ,religon,and sexualitys

  8. harry

    fucking nasty

  9. ron

    looks fake

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  13. Aussie

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  16. Eardog

    I'm not sure what this website is about but supposedly a celebporn website. If the people who post these articles on this website really dislike the artistes for posing in nude, and respect Islam, they should censor the pics whatsoever, now apparently not. Plus, if u people hate celeb becoming porno, shut the hell up and live in your own butthole cos nobody requires you to post insulting comments or 'prosecute' these celebs morally. It's non of your retarded business. Call me a dickhead, but your logic defies the law of the universe. Mind you I am Muslim and can be offended by nudepics, but this website is too ironic.

  17. Lund Ka Pakora

    Sare mulle chodu hote hain....sabki gaand marni chahiye....chodu saale....itni badia raand ko cod kar faltu bakwaas kar rahe hain

  18. Jasper

    Nice boobs girl

  19. janet

    So you're an SS officer who treats women as equals?

  20. storm trooper

    Unfortunately we here in the free world do not let our religion rule us
    And we treat our woman as equals. We stepped out of the dark ages long ago

  21. cyborg

    This is fully fake....you bastards....
    who so ever has uploaded this is a asshole

  22. dylan

    Love how you dont see any racist people except on the internet where your safe, pussies.

  23. CelebFakeHad

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  24. kakaka

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  25. tyler

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  26. Alissa DiCarlo

    She is fucking amazing isn't she? Dear Lord, what a beautiful body. I want her so bad.

  27. Dong slkng

    I fucking love Katy Perrys tits I would fuck her a day

  28. Moshe Dayan

    Oy, What a beautiful Jewess. I tell you, Jewish men are the luckiest because we get to dip our schmozles in a slick shaved matzo like Katy's.

  29. Bashiri al-Saud

    Slut lip-syncer like katy have short shelf lives. She obviously took the advice of her jewish PR firm. Sorry hoe your time is almost up!

  30. Akinfenwa The Tank

    A welcome addition to my Fatwa once she converts to the one true religion.

  31. PPGtheBLUNT

    Shes only got half a boob

  32. ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    I'll tape and glue Katy ALL over.....once I get her into my tent....

  33. Dr. Frankenfurter

    its a Nice fake...One can dream...one can dream. Click ,save ,Fap.

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  35. I Like Falafel

    allah IS the lie.

  36. Smarter thanyou

    I've seen this pic before but weird cause she was covered and the strap never came off. Does allah require you to lie constantly?

  37. Firsty

    first noobs

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