Jessica Chastain Nude Photo Released Before Oscars

Jessica Chastain nude

A nude photo of “Zero Dark Thirty” star and best actress nominee Jessica Chastain appears to have been released just days before the Oscars.

Obviously this Jessica Chastain nude photo will greatly help her chances of winning the Oscar this weekend. Of course the fact that this naked picture was taken in a cheap hotel room where Jessica probably services the Oscar voters doesn’t hurt either.

Yes with the release of this Jessica Chastain nude she immediately becomes the favorite to win best actress. Jessica’s fellow nominees would be wise to follow her lead and whip off their clothes and whip out their cameras (especially 9-year-old Quvenzhan√© Wallis, but not 86-year-old Emmanuelle Riva) if they want to have a shot at winning.

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  6. Alissa C DiCarlo

    And it doesn't have to be a downfall at all, but the reality is that you can only do it for several years. Some actors have longer careers, but let's face it, not many.

  7. Alissa C DiCarlo

    I'm sorry too for the couple of early comments that I did say. They picked up on the preceived tension and ran with it. That's awesome about Sammie. A lot of the people who do porn were very intelligent people who had character flaws or addictions or personality issues that became their downfall. In fact, the industry is rampant with people like that, both girls and guys.

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  9. Alissa C DiCarlo

    Well it actually sounds like you know her very well then, and I sure don't. She has a good reputation in the industry, I can tell you that. Directors and producers say she's super-smart and understands how to get in peoples' heads and all. My friend Amber Peach says that Sammie lives right here in Los Angeles, but I only met her briefly once at an awards show. She's cute. Kindof little. Not as short as I am, but not much taller than me either. She was in modeling for a little while before adult film Im told, but she wasnt tall enough for that. Don't know what else to tell you. Sounds like she would be a good friend to have. By the way West, 80% of the imposter comments that you have attributed to me have not actually been me at all. They have been written by Muslims in an attempt to stir controversy between us and precipitate a fight. I have made very few imposter comments. The Islamic imposters try to copy my writing style and mannerisms of speech in order to confound you. So please don't blame every fake comment on me. It's just not fair. I'm not doing it. It appears to be a group of two or three Muslims that are trying to create drama where there should be none.

  10. Alissa C DiCarlo

    OMG! I love Sammie! She's a lesboqueer like me. New Haven, CT I believe. She's lucky. She gets to do all girl scenes. I met her at the porn awards show a couple years ago. She's been in music videos too.

  11. The West Is the Best

    Allsmelly DiCarlo

    I spoke to my good friend Sammie Rhodes she is a real porn star WE grew up together same town and schools If your in porn as you say tell me where Sammie is from state and town Beacuse she said the real Alissa Hall/DiCarlo would never post on this site. And if if you want to email her she can tell you that iam white and My dick ain't small. I bet you won't cause your a lying bitch.

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  27. Dmanwithdaplan

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  28. Grand Dragon Pete

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