Jessica Biel POV Sex Video

Jessica Biel

As you can see in the video above, Jessica Biel filmed her facial reactions while getting f*cked, presumably by a sturdy dildo and not her limp-dicked homoqueer of a boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

Jessica Biel is not this good of an actress, so this is clearly exactly how she looks when she is taking a hard one. However, why anyone banging Jessica Biel would do it missionary style and be forced to stare at her unremarkable horse face is beyond me.

A virile Muslim man would be smart enough to realize that Jessica Biel’s ass is her only decent feature, and would rail her good and hard doggystyle (the preferred sex position mentioned in the Qur’an). Now that is a video I’d be eager to see.

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  4. john

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    Read her lips. The infidel whore is shouting "Allahu ackbar". There may be hope for her yet.

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    That's from the movie Rules of Attraction.

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