Jessica Alba Naked Photo

Jessica Alba naked

Jessica Alba appears to be naked in the ocean in the photo above.

How dare Jessica Alba defile Allah’s body of water with her sinful nude form! The ocean has enough of a fishy smell without Jessica rinsing her filthy vagina in it!

No doubt after seeing Jessica Alba naked the marine life were overcome with lustful thoughts and gave themselves over to Satan. Now us Muslims must brutally slaughter every living thing in the ocean to put a stop to the evil Jessica has released upon the world.

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  1. Horsense

    You douche bags all have the same dream and that is to die and have a bag of shit hung around your collective necks for ever.

  2. Horsense

    miche quaice camel fu**ers

  3. pervertedjihad

    i know this is fake cause i have the original poster on my wall and sheis in a bikini
    but... the photoshop is ok

  4. pervertedjihad

    i know this is fake cause i have the original poster on my wall and sheis in a bikini
    but... the photoshop is ok

  5. Killer

    so hot.

  6. Killer

    so hot.

  7. hellboy

    jessica alba is hot and everyone that is not white needs to die

  8. amiss devil

    fuck up

  9. Andrew123

    That are really nice tots and vagina I wish I can have sex with you so I can see them in person

  10. duutduut

    That is an authentic image of Jessica Alba nude. Probably originally taken several years ago by now. But celebjihad goes out of its way not to deal in fakes, and, there is no inconsistencies with the backgroung images. So get your circumcised Arab and Muslim cocks out and frig them to a naked Jessica Alba. She is a horny little mistress of cocks at heart, by the way.

  11. The West is the best

    Wow you fucking Muslims are stupid. It is you who suck cocks
    Eat shit and die mofo
    Kkk is gay

  12. el gallego

    jodeos cabrones

  13. 12th Imam Obama

    She's one of the main reasons why I mentioned during the last presidential debate that we need less Navy "Boats" (Lols). These Western whores have forever polluted Allah's waters and so we cannot have more of those aircraft carriers and those "ships that go underwater" (lols)


  14. Fake and Gay

    This is fake....

  15. Chris

    Sounds like a plan my man!

  16. CelebWanker

    She has amazing breasts. I want to lick her asshole then fuck her up the ass before spraying my cum on her tits

  17. USMC Allah's rapist

    Stupid dune coon

  18. Tibetan Monk

    Buddha FTW bitches!!!

  19. Alissa C DiCarlo


  20. Imam Kahlid al-Ashari

    Foul spic harlot.

    How do you find the richest spic in town?
    Drop a penny, whoever catches it is the richest spic!


  21. NotGay

    Why didn't she show the penis?

  22. Umar the Brown

    From now on I will triple filter my desalinated water after seeing this disgusting mongrel sticking her filthy mixed-breed lady-bits in the ocean. Hell will be her reward for this defilement.

  23. Moshe Dayan

    Like most of the good looking women in Hollywood, Jessica Alba is a total Jewess. Muslims should look upon her as the ultimate unreachable goal. Only a circumcized Jewish penis will ever get near that honey pot.

    Eat shit and die mofos

  24. Abdul Rasul

    Although Jessica Alba is a whore she doesn't have to worry about "west is best". You see, he is a gay fag who fucks guys in the ass and sucks their balls.

  25. mayhem

    muslum women look like a camels ass

  26. LOL

    i love a big cock in my tight asshole so much

  27. Endy Johnson

    This is actually very hot.

  28. LOL

    I just read the headline (paraphrasing) "Megan Fox Threatens to Sue Website Over Nude Fake" and before even reading the article knew it was Celeb Jihad. Well done guys.

  29. Rashimbo

    I would love to partake in fucking Jessica Alba in front of her husband while he has to helplessly watch. I'd force her to go in the shower so her body is all wet and smooth and after I'd throw her on the bed, and while 2 muslim men hold her down I'd viciously pound her pussy and suck on her beautiful tits

  30. Alissa C DiCarlo

    I absolutely love her breasts.

  31. Alissa C DiCarlo

    Omg!!! She is surreally beautiful. Takes my breath away to look at her.

  32. Giggity


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