Catherine Zeta Jones Will Soon Be Single

Michael Douglas cancer

Good news! Based on this picture of Michael Douglas it is pretty obvious that Catherine Zeta Jones will soon be single.

Michael Douglas was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. Probably because he is part Jew and Allah wanted to punish him. Once Michael Douglas is dead (which should be any day now), Catherine Zeta Jones will finally be free to marry a strong Muslim man.

How Michael Douglas tricked Catherine Zeta Jones into marrying him has always been a mystery, but I firmly believe large amounts of opiates and death threats must have been involved.

Thankfully Michael Douglas will soon be burning in the eternal hellfire for his sinful Jewish ways. Praise be to Allah in his infinite wisdom for giving him cancer and setting Catherine Zeta Jones free. Allahu Akbar!

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  1. Carl W. Coleman

    Muslims/Islamics, if this stuff is so bad, why are you showing it all ???

  2. allah hater.

    Now show a pic of this Allah fucker, with a bomb on its head. hahahahahahaha yea or maby as a DOG, hahahahaahahaahahahahahhaahahah

  3. bill

    I like this guy your comments are offensive to me !

  4. Colin Curwod

    You clearly have no idea what it is to be a Muslim. Michael Douglas does not deserve cancer, he is a good family man. I pray that he has many years left with his family. You are nothing but a disgusting hate monger and Allah will judge your words. As-Salāmu `Alaykum

  5. not allah

    this article is a joke right? If not, I suggest that you need to really get a spiritual tune up.

  6. Tim Bremmer

    Is that supposed to be funny?

  7. allah hater.

    hey, you swine eating DOG. go fuck 9yo girl like your precious muhammad

  8. zutroy the heathen homeboy is

    You are one ignorant motherfucker!!!!!

  9. zutroy the heathen homeboy

    Are you joking the Abdulah fool wouldn't know what to do with a man or a women much less a goat or his grandma. Mind you his grandma says he is handsome, and even she knows she is lieing

  10. muslimsAREqueers

    LOL!! love this site! hey - dullah, i love your self description as a does fit you.
    and monkeyBrains, when u do that stuff at the zoo, is it for entertainment, or self gratification ?

    please. please, Jihad my ass, you are who I've been waiting for!

  11. you

    That was not called for, you Islamic people are the filthiest and most disgusting religion! No one deserves illness or suffering, not even you!

    I'm an atheist and I respect all points of views or beliefs but you always go over the fucking top on everything! Fucking ignorants! You are one messed up bunch of insane people...

    The only comfort i get is that when u indeed die your corpse will just rot like everybody else`s, and not such thing as Allah or your so many virgins at heaven will be waiting for you.


  12. Johns

    i wach the news yesterday and..guest what mahoma was Jew please try to learn history my retarded muslim friend

  13. MuslimMasher

    Many of us know we are already in WW III. It is the Islam idiots against everyone else. Mohammad was a liar and a pedophile. Islam is a fake. Open season will be declared on all Jihad jerks until they are declared an endangered species. Then the last few will be hunted down and their bodies disposed on in the carcasses of pigs.

    Mecca will be a glowing hole in the ground and Muslims will be buried with their asses pointing at where it used to be.

  14. theheadchimp

    What a violent hate filled post. Your bigotry is atrocious and calling someone a dork is just outrageous. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  15. Wow

    Wow! I thought Neanderthals were extinct! Do you realize how stupid you sound? Ha I bet your mother or someone close to you will die of cancer for the bigotry against religion you spew. Better yet your probably going to get throat cancer for all the garbage and hate that spues outta there. If you weren't a brain washed extremist you'd realize Allah is a loving god. Dork!

  16. This Website is crap

    How can any person go on this site, muslims are fine people, i personally think all religion is for the fairly retarded. But regardless this guy and this website are trash and im sure they are some fat angry muslim kid whos girlfriend fucked big white scottish people like me. Because ive porked more than one muslim girl and trust me the beards and crazy fanatic thing gets pretty old i think.

  17. fools

    Islam is one of the youngest world religons, i.e. the most full of shit.

  18. Reez

    I think that sucks.... ISLAM is not like that.... have mercy I think you are sick

  19. Mark

    I wish all the best to Micheal and his family during his struggle with cancer. Love and peace be with them.

  20. somerandom

    fooooools. all of you.

  21. fiz

    What a horrible and racist comment. Any person, or religion that sanctifies, or glorifies suffering and death is a clear sign that it is wrong. It is this kind of public stupidity with regard to Muslims and their thinking that the rest of the planet is validated in that it's wrong and violent and a travesty to humanity and all it stands for.

    I am boycotting the site and will pass along this link to others so they can see the blatant ignorance, violence and stupidity it contains.

  22. Dead Ed®

    No, chimphead,

    I don't think Rand is the messiah. He's too modest to portray himself the savior, much like the Obamessiah Ayatollah Obama did the second he became senator. Rand will be too busy shaking things up in the Senate before he can know where the men's room is in the Senate building.

    I do have a top 12 for 2012 list of Constitutionalist Conservatives who I think will be great candidates, though.

  23. theheadchimp

    You political analysis is so juvenile its.....well its juvenile. I swear you have a Joe Jonas Girl mentality. No shit sherlock government is the problem, and that is democrats and republicans...doh. If you think Rand Paul is your mesiah then you are a fucking nitwit beyond a doubt. The only hope anyone had was Ross Perot and that was years ago.
    So au revoir you dumb cocksucker, trying to make sense to a person like you is a waste of my time.

  24. theheadchimp

    Oh I forgot to mention that anyone that votes for their own post like you do deserves pity and contempt.

  25. theheadchimp

    You ignorant cocksucker, try reading a fucking post before you reply. You had eight years of a fucking moron named George Bush elected by assholes like you, now we've got two years of another fucking moron named Obama. The history of America is a bunch of fucking cocksuckers like you sticking their noses in other countries business. The Afghanistan war is going on longer than WW2, Iraq is another joke, tell me asshole how did they threaten America? Weapons of mass destruction???? Ha ha, Bush lied asshole. Iraq will be just like Viet Nam, America will lose its will and the people of Iraq will suffer. Fat motherfucking assholes like you spout Conservative shit and young boys die. Fuck you, I can smell a fucking coward from here and its you. If you had to defend yourself without your mouth you would piss your pants. Next time you chicken shitted cocksucker if you don't understand a post go have a kintergardener read it to you. Suck on that nancy.

  26. theheadchimp

    If you lock anybody in your shed its probably more like Bobby in Deliverence than any Saw movie bullshit. If you admit to be Republican, then my post was are a cocksucker. Your posts are getting so lame I think Joe Jonas Girl must be your alter ego. You sound so much like her, but without the * * * * * *'s. If your goal is to be one of the top three dickheads on this site then you are on your way and moving up fast
    1.Joe Jonas Girl
    2. will
    3. stickjihadupyourharris
    4. Dead Ed®

  27. theheadchimp

    This ain't kayfabe, go fuck yourself you ignorant asshole.

  28. theheadchimp

    There once was an asshole named Ed
    Whose lame jokes smelled like they were dead
    He thought he was very very funny
    But I think he sucks dicks for money
    But one thing he won't admit
    Is thats he's a fucking nitwit

  29. Jess

    What a disgusting piece of trash website. Anyone that writes something so horrid and full of hate will surely be the one that burns in eternal hellfire. The hatred on this website makes me want to vomit.

  30. theheadchimp

    you out of your fucking mind or what? Try making a post that makes sense because that last one sounded like will............Unless you two are in the same class.

  31. Jihad Shah

    I believe that these infidels keep following the true believers and harassing them because they want to feel close to the one true Allah, but know that they are unworthy of his mercy and kindness. Perhaps we should pray and ask Allah if he may ever forgive their debauchery... OK I just did it and he replied that they must sacrifice their first-born whores and he will make all right. Then they must bring me their girlfriends so I can teach them to be proper sluts and worship their man.

  32. theheadchimp

    Dead Ed®
    What are you gonna do with a gullible fuck like WIll? Heres a joke for you Eddie

    What do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes? already told the bitch twice.

  33. Dead Ed®

    Will and chimp,

    You guys are like a married couple all over this site.

    Well ... wellll ... well I shouldn't talk. My antagonist is Abdul ...

    Hey, Abdul,

    Did you hear about the Muslim strip club?

    It features full facial nudity!

  34. theheadchimp

    allah sucksballs
    Until you learn to spell your posts are just as fucking stupid as you are.

  35. allah sucksballs

    headchimp, you are a seriously deluded subhuman. Do the world a favour and crawl back into the whole from where you came from. Idiots like you are the reason why your culture is dispised so much throughout the world. You are a first class prick !

  36. theheadchimp

    Do you feel better now? Such vile language, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  37. Robert

    It's crybaby Muslims like you that cause the hate. You insult and try to degrade everyone who does not see things as you do...and cry when someone says anything about Allah or Mohamed.
    Please...blow yourselves up...just don't take any good people with you.
    You are the ones who make Islam look bad. You are the ones that make Mohamed look like a joke.
    Fucking childish crybabies. Grow up assholes!

  38. Fiko

    Totally tasteless if it was meant as a joke

  39. theheadchimp

    Shame on us? What are you fucking nuts? DId you ever consider this may be karma for having a drug dealing son? Shame on Michael Douglas for not stopping his son from spreading poison. Don't think that he didn't know for years that his son was a drug dealing scum and a heroin user. If this self asborbed asshole wanted to, he could have used his millions to save his son from drug abuse and a long prison sentence.
    He was a fucking actor and you assholes act like he was your best friend. He is reaping what he sowed.
    Karma is a bitch and he's paying the price now for his decadent lifestyle.

  40. KC

    SHAME ON ALL OF YOU JERKS...This is the REAL look of chemo,
    its horribly somber. Imagine what Mike and Catherine feel...
    I worked w/ him once and he was a nice man.

  41. will

    i can only imagine if cristians were as barberic and racist as islam and whanted to destroy all
    arabic countrys like they do us, there would be no such thing as islam or a muslim they would be
    wiped of the face of the planet long ago.

  42. pedrito nolin

    P.S. You are a lucky fuck that we accept you in hour country , beside black gold you clowns have never brougt anything good in the world , keep wipping your ass with your hands and eat with the other , you makake!!

  43. pedrito nolin

    when Islam take over , pfff!!! keep dreaming you ?(*(*clown, when people of the world will be fed up with you retarded from the 18 century , we will kick your ass back in the desert with your brainless attitude , hope you morons get cancer so this planet will be free of retarded crawling moron . ?%&?%%aLLHA °°

  44. Debbie

    Now I know why there wars always going on,we can`t even read other people`s comments without wanting to kill each other! The point of this is, its NEVER funny that somebody is dying of cancer. I NEVER thought it was alright to make HORRIBLE comments about a person who may be dying. Michael Douglas has kids, parents and siblings. I can`t even start to imagine having to go through what he is. Not knowing if you may be here for your family next year, or worse, is heart-.wrenching. Its DISGUSTING to even have the article about Michael. I read it so I could make this comment. I pray that he lives a long, happy life. He`s a great actor and so (or was) is his father. This world is so full of hate, and its sad. It hurts my heart to know that this world we live in has so many haters. Also, I respect others` religious views. That is the way it is supposed to be. Don`t tell other people that their religious beliefs are wrong. You believe what you want, and I`ll belive what I want. That`s the only way we can get along in this world we live in - O.K.?!!!

  45. theheadchimp

    You ignorant fuck......the Middle East was doing just fine until the goddamn United States of Amerika butted their noses in. Nobody gave a shit about Kuwait except the USA and that was because of oil.
    Iraq didn't feel liberated by Amerika then and they are showing them how much they like it now. Get your lazy ass down to the enlistment center tommorrow and come on over boy and we'll see who ends up in the trash.

  46. Jihad Shah

    I'm afraid Catherine is now damaged goods. After bedding with a Jewish man, only gang-rape and daily torture can bring her back to Allah.

  47. David

    What an ignorant retarded wrote the text. He is already punished by God

  48. Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Your mindless intolerance sickens me.

    You really need to buy some of those infidel "self help" books.

  49. DownWithTowelHeads

    The entire middle east is what is wrong with the world! Nuke that mother fucker so we can have a new pit for our trash!

  50. hamba ALLAH

    a muslim doesnt write like this.... no one knows whos getting burn in hell and whos dont except Allah Himself

  51. stickjihadupyourharris

    isn't satire the type of cloth that you rag heads wrap around your heads ?

    The UK is a big place & there are lots of Harris's here, good luck! ninny........cracking up, are you 5 years old.

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