Apple To Make A Nina Dobrev Sex Doll

Nina Dobrev sex doll

It looks like Apple has just released the prototype for their sex doll of “Vampire Diaries” star Nina Dobrev.

As you can see this Nina Dobrev sex doll features the ease of use functionality Apple is famous for, with simple color-coded buttons for oral, anal, and normal sex.

In a vast improvement over the real Nina Dobrev this sex doll’s voice box can not form actual words, and instead only omits guttural moans. Also the Nina Dobrev sex doll’s vagina and anus is considerably tighter, and an estimated 90% less crab-ridden.

Nina Dobrev Laying Naked On A CouchNina Dobrev Laying Naked On A CouchNina Dobrev Poses Nude And Spreads Her LegsNina Dobrev Poses Nude And Spreads Her LegsNina Dobrev’s Tight Ass Bent Over In Jean ShortsNina Dobrev’s Tight Ass Bent Over In Jean Shorts
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  1. Jesus

    I'll take two.

  2. Jesus

    I'll take two.

  3. jonbon

    alissa c dicarlo be my wife

  4. Mater the Greater

    I'm working on development of the next version. it was have a new multiple user feature called "iDoSpitRoast" which is specially designed for the hyper aroused islamic brothers.

  5. The Reaper

    Angel of faggots aka Team Tranny

    The only list you have is the phone numbers of your gay lovers

  6. The Reaper

    Team Tranny has had a Michael Jackson sex doll made for him and he has a RuPual doll on order.

  7. Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Apple has just earned a fatwa and a pressure cookier bomb.

  8. Unknown

    Do u know who i am henchmen angel of justice secret nigger of abdullah or grand dragon master pete reply i ill make one of them spam celebjihad with shit KKK guess?

  9. Alissa C DiCarlo

    Apple always does this. The product isn't really production ready yet. The breasts are too firm. They need further testing.

  10. Umar the Brown

    Her name sounds like the sound a bull camel would make after it was forced to make a daytime journey from Medina to Mecca: "Ninnaaaadobrev."

  11. ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    How come the "iDoNormal" app doesn't have a camel or a goat in the icon...??

  12. El Comandente

    The only problem with fucking a women like Nina Dobrev is that she wants to talk and cuddle after you unload in her mouth. The Nina Dobrev sex doll fixes those problems.

  13. lol

    is it normal i try to klick on the "idoanal" bottum the hole time

  14. Officer-Snickers

    apple should rename in peach

  15. Dr.Satan

    What, no button to go all family style on her?

  16. Abdullah

    Wow -

    A female has been invented that might allow super-fag Team Tranny into her presence! The real ones certainly won't let that AIDS-infested pus-bucket within a 1000 yards.

  17. Beastly man

    Out of everyone they could have made a sex doll
    out of. It had to be a girl with a mans body and one
    who cannot act to save her life.

    Nice job apple, again you turned a good idea into a
    lame excuse for a product! Steve jobs would not be proud!!!

  18. facku

    Well, thats a weird pussy.

  19. Mohammad Ibn 'Abd Allāh

    This sinful toy has only been created because the mislead west are to fat and lonely to have real sex with a real, hairy Muslim woman. Maybe one day they will learn to love Allah in the way we do, but even then they must face trial by AK-47.

    Praise be to Allah!

  20. FirstiesFaggot


  21. Fagots

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