Amanda Bynes Converts To Islam

Amanda Bynes Islam

As you can see in the photo above, former Disney star Amanda Bynes has converted to Islam and is wearing a stylish but ill-fitting burka.

It is always darkest before the dawn, so it is great to see that Amanda Bynes has finally seen the light, and pulled herself out of the Zionist infested cesspool of depravity and intoxicants that is Hollywood. Now the only high Amanda will concern herself with is the natural high which comes from serving at the beck and call of us Muslim men.

Of course Amanda Bynes will have to make amends for her years of living in sin. However, her knack for driving cars into things could prove invaluable when she is sent on her special “mission” of repentance with a trunk loaded with “retribution” for the infidels.

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  1. Heyfucktards

    Godddamn how stupid are the uploaders oh my fucking god you are all so fucking stupid

  2. Mohammad Hassen Oil BP

    She should be stoned to death in the streets for wearing those shorts! Allah Ackbar! Prince Abooboo Ababuah!

  3. The west is the best

    Mufti Dildo

    There you go again bad mouthing your muslim brothers

  4. Mufti David

    No! She converted because she didn't want to be fucked by something that fucks fags and dogs.

  5. All Arabs Are Black!

    Amanda Bynes Converts To Islam LMFAO, that's like converting to a pile of fresh horse shit.

  6. muledoctor

    ole'mule here would hit it from behind til she be honking like a goose

  7. yasser hussien islam

    Allah is great! Another sole saved from the heathen hollywood cabal. We need more young ladies to follow the lead of Islam. Maybe there is hope for this forsaken country afterall!! Fuck jewish run heathenwood!!

  8. Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


    Another former western whore is drawn to Islam to experience the pleasures of the powerful Muslim man.
    Amanda will make a decent conubine for us Muslims...after being properly trained by a well known Sheik in Tikrit.

    I predict before the next Ramadan...there will be such an exodus of western women to Islam that the u.s. of a. will be known as "glory hole town" because nobody except homoquerers will be left there.
    It will be a country of ass smackers.

    No doubt, this is big fag pete's and "west sucks best" dream come true.


  9. Zamil the Extreme

    Finally she can make muslim men everywhere happy. Hayden panettiere may have competition.

  10. The Guy with the EyE

    FIRSTIES!!! Id still fuck her stupid and lick her dry.

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