Ariana Grande Nude Selfie Leaked

Ariana Grande nude selfie

The Ariana Grande nude selfie photo above has just been leaked online.

As you can see, Ariana Grande shows off her tight nude body from her perky little titties all the way down to her silky smooth pussy… and it is sickening! Only in the hopelessly backwards infidel West would a woman like Ariana be so delusional that she would think that she looks good naked. Especially considering Ariana has a weak skinny frame and complete lack of thick musty body hair covering her sex organs which makes her utterly repulsive to us righteous Muslim men.

Ariana Grande selfie

Even in the selfie photo above Ariana’s physical ineptitude is evident as her mouth is clearly far too small to accommodate the enormous meat scuds of us virile Muslim men. Which I guess is best for her singing career, for due to their extraordinary size our tunic snakes have been known to sever women’s vocal chords (not to mention that our potent ball juice is quite acidic and corrodes the larynx).

Ariana Grande leotard

Yes it is clear from these selfie photos that Ariana Grande is an utterly useless woman, and that the only humane thing to do is to take her out behind the barn, shoot her with an AK-47, and toss her remains on the compost heap so that at least then her body can serve some sort of useful function as fertilizer for a Muslim’s poppy fields.

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  2. Ikhlaq Khan

    Wow, ariana is naughty girl why would someone do this anyway

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    Super hot

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    Oh yea me and her have fucked multiple times even have some pictures

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    I can't tell if this is a joke site or not

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    Never trust poppies grown with fertilizers from a decomposing Mexican whore.
    Jame Brown told me this.
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    Has any of you lovely gentlemen seen my sexy boyfriend Pappy McFag? :)

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