Angela Kinsey Nude Scene From "Half Magic"

Angela Kinsey nude

Angela Kinsey (who is best known for playing the petite uptight cat loving accountant “Angela Martin” on the hit sitcom “The Office”) gets naked in her first ever big screen nude scene in the video clip below.

“The Office” certainly cast Angela correctly, for as you can see from this video she is certainly a tight ass… And a slut who would certainly cuckold her fiance with a strong and smarter male.

Angela Kinsey

Yes there is no denying Angela is one dainty little degenerate. In fact, in the civilized Islamic world she is what is known as a “spinner”… For if her pint-sized body is struck by a well thrown stone she would spin like a top.

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  1. Wank

    She is so hot. Such a pretty face and a knockout body.

  2. thegamemk

    This is a pleasant surprise!

  3. Iraqi Pete

    Stevie Gay starred in a parody of 'The Office' but it was called "The Orifice". Let's just say that it was an all-male class and broke ratings records in San Francisco.



  5. mindgame_fool

    not bad

  6. Hey, Asshole

    Wow, I would have not guessed Angela from The Office had a decent bod.

  7. 𝐔ɴᴄʟᴇ𝐁ᴇɴ𝐆ᴀᴢᴢɪ ᴮᵃᵈᵈᵉˢᵗ ᴹᵃⁿᴬˡᶦᵛᵉ

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